Idaho Relocation

If you are here, you are probably looking into moving to Idaho.  Perhaps you are dead set on where you want to be and why, or maybe you are putting your feelers out there to find your right fit.  On this page, we are going to cover why Idaho may just be your dream location.

Why Idaho?

There are dozens of reasons why Idaho is a great place to live.  From economic growth to beautiful national parks, it really does have it all.  We’ll cover some key specifics here.  

  • Low Cost of Living
    Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to move to Idaho is its low cost of living.  Whether you are single, starting a family, or looking for a place to retire, you can reap the benefits of this beautiful state without breaking the bank.  
  • Beautiful Outdoors
    Idaho is a haven for any outdoor enthusiast.  There are stunning mountain ranges in every city perimeter, as well as breathtaking national parks.  For any outdoor adventure seekers, there are hikes and water activities in close proximity throughout the state.  
  • Great for Families
    Idaho has all of the resources new or established families need and want.  With its thriving economy, access to parks and museums, safety, and sense of community, Idaho is a no brainer for families.  There are also highly rated universities and community colleges for students who want to remain close to home.  
  • Senior Benefits
    Idaho is one of the best retirement places for seniors.  The state has low medical costs, as well as a tax benefit for their senior citizens.  The seasons are also mild, which means they will take less of a toll on the mind, body, and bank account.  

Why Us?

Perhaps you have settled on Idaho being the right state.  Now, what about the right house? 

Finding a home can be daunting.  Not only do you want to find the perfect house, but you are also looking for the right community, school district, attractions, and more.  In order to find your match, it is crucial you hire the right people to help.  

At American Real Estate, we hire experts.  All of our realtors know the ins and outs of not only the housing market, but also the community.  We have the tools to make both your house and neighborhood a home and a haven for you.