Property Management

Your property is our priority, and when you give us the chance to provide the best Twin Falls property management company, we’ll reach far past your expectations and deliver real results.

American Real Estate & Appraisal, is a Twin Falls property management company and real estate agency that specializes in residential management. We can expertly lease and manage your single-family property or multi-family building. Take advantage of our knowledge, experience, resources, and tools when you need the best in Magic Valley property management. Don’t settle for discounts that actually cost you more, and don’t drive yourself crazy trying to balance the needs of your own life with the needs of your investment properties. We’ve got it covered.

Our Twin Falls real estate agency has the skills and the talent to expertly lease your property, manage the day to day needs of your tenants, oversee maintenance and repair issues, and ensure you’re earning as much as you can on rental income and long term investing.

Why Should You Work with Us?

  • Our services are completely customized. Tell us what you need and want.
  • Our fees are simple and transparent. You won’t be surprised when you receive your statement.

If you’ve been thinking about connecting with a professional Twin Falls property management company, but you don’t know where to start – contact us at American Real Estate & Appraisal. We’ll answer your questions.


We Stay Connected to You

Unlike some property managers who don’t answer calls or emails, we work overtime to make certain you’re kept in the loop. If problems ever occur in your property, we get in touch immediately, and we make certain your concerns and problems are promptly resolved.

Renters Enjoy Our Services, Too

We respond to maintenance requests as soon as we can and take a proactive approach to maintaining relationships with our renters. Happier tenants result in fewer problems and better margins for you.

  • Property Marketing:  Our team quickly fills vacancies by promoting availability across multiple listing platforms.  We make certain your property receives the exposure it needs to find new tenants.
  • Tenant Screening:  All applicants for an American RE property must meet our approval criteria.  We carefully screen applications with background and financial checks.
  • Rent Collection:  Our team handles all of your billing needs, disbursing your payments and following up on late payments.
  • Maintenance:  We respond quickly to repair requisitions from tenants and get the problems resolved even quicker.  We document everything for your review.
  • Property Inspections:  Inspections give us the chance to ensure that there are no hidden problems. We enforce the terms of your tenant’s lease to protect your investment.